Dr. Marc Weinberg (MD,FACP,FASN,FAHA) is a Clinical Professor of Medicine at Boston University Medical School. For over thirty-five years his career focused on academic and clinical medicine, the development of pharmacologic agents and medical devices to improve your health by slowing the development of vascular diseases (cardiac, kidney, brain and aneurysms), anemia and bone disease. In addition, he applied new dialysis treatment technology to improve cancer chemotherapy outcomes, and pulse electromagnetic therapy to improve arthritis & hypertension.
Invest In Your Health!

Dr. Marc S Weinberg, President of Marc Weinberg M.D. Personal Healthcare, Ltd. established a personalized, medical practice to focus on your Wellness and Disease Management. The need for personalized, health care delivery in the United States has led over 750,000 people and 1000 doctors to establish alternative "boutique," private medical practices, limited in patient membership. Dr. Weinberg delivers comprehensive primary care for your optimal wellness and disease management, along with specialty consultations in kidney and vascular diseases. He is a certified practitioner of the Bale Doneen Method (for heart attack and stroke prevention), and lectures nationally for BDM described in the best selling book, "Beat the Heart Attack Gene."

In exchange for a yearly fee, you will be provided with direct access to Dr. Weinberg "around-the-clock" via office, cell, home phone, and email. Same day appointments will be provided in most cases.